Peer Review Policy

The journal employs the Single – blind peer review process, where  reviewer and author remain anonymous throughout the review process.

Every proposal submitted for publication is read at least by an editor, for an initial review. If the paper agrees with editorial policies and with a minimum quality level, is sent to two reviewers. The reviewers won’t know the author’s identity, as any identifying information will be stripped from the document before review.

Reviewer’ comments to the editors are confidential and before passing on to the author will made anonymous. Based on the reviewers’ comments, the Editorial Board makes a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript, and communicates to the authors the decision, along with referees’ reports. Whether significant revisions are proposed, acceptance is dependent on whether the author can deal with those satisfactorily.

Policy on Retraction of articles

The Journal follows the COPE guidelines. ( )

Plagiarism Policy 

PAKISTAN’S MULTI DISCIPLINARY JOURNAL FOR ARTS & SCIENCE (PMDJAS) has devised a specific plagiarism policy as per Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad, Pakistan criteria to promote honest work in academics. As per plagiarism policy, 19% similarly and 4% Individual Source, plagiarism is admissible in any submission to the journal. It is more convenient to submit Turnitin software (Plagiarism Detecting) report while submitting paper to the journal. For more details please visit the HEC following link. 

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