Formulation Development and Characteristics Assessment of Metronidazole Tablets (Colon Specific Coated)




Colon Drug Delivery, Metronidazole, Polymer, Eudragit, Guar Gum


The system of drug delivery mainly depends on targeted therapy synthesis that is the formulations active pharmaceuticals ingredients from drug will only be released target area, so the action generated by active pharmaceutical ingredients in specific time period depends on formulation of drug therapy. Colon specified drug targeted system either in the form of polymers or in single can be used to obtain the desired and needed therapeutic effect. FTIR were done of active ingredient (Metronidazole and polymers separately and their combination), pre-compression tests (Flowability, Angle of response, compressibility index and Hansner’s ratio) were also performed. Solubility studies were also performed with different solvents and temperatures. Two different formulations were prepared F1 and F2 with different drug to polymer ratios were combined by coating two different types of polymers Eudragit and Guar gum. All physical characteristics of both formulations F1 and F2 were performed accordingly and in-vitro dissolution were also done. The results showed that there is no compatibility with drug and polymers. The drug is highly soluble in distilled water. The pre-compression results were within the acceptable range. Both the Formulation F1 and F2 physical characteristics were within the specified limits. The dissolution results of both formulations F1 and F2 showed the absorption of polymer greater from (F1) to (F2) w/w, the drug rate release same comparatively. Comparatively extent of release of drug was observed. It is concluded that this type of research may be conducted for patient bifacial and compliance.


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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7903316
Published: 2023-05-06

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