Correction Policy

Corrections & Crossmark Policies Version of Record and PMDJAS Corrections Policy

In an effort to better serve our researchers, librarians, and others in the academic community, PMDJAS believes clarity in thepublishing record is a critical component of information distribution. Recognizing a published article as a finalized “Versionof Record” establishes the expectation that it can be relied upon as accurate, complete, and citable. PMDJAS defines thisVersion of Record as the article paginated in a volume and issue or the initial article publication for open access journals(Open Access journals do not publish any additional versions such as paginated issue/volume versions).

Corrections prior to the Version of Record

Because articles can be read and cited as soon as they are published, any changes thereafter could potentially impact thosewho read and cited the earlier version. PMDJAS provides authors with an opportunity to review article proofs prior topublication with the express goal of ensuring accuracy of the content. Publishing an erratum or corrigendum increases thelikelihood readers will find out about the change and also explains the specifics of the change.
When an article is published, limited corrections may be made at the discretion of the PMDJAS.

Version of Record
When an article is published in an issue (or an Open Access article is first published), it is considered the Version of Record.PMDJAS is committed to preserving the integrity and transparency of the Version of Record. If a significant error isdiscovered, PMDJAS may publish an erratum or corrigendum notice to alert all readers.

PMDJAS takes issues of copyright infringement, plagiarism and other breaches of best practice in publication very seriously.In the rare cases where a breach of publication ethics or copyright infringement are discovered, PMDJAS reserves the rightto take appropriate action to correct the academic record, including but not limited to: publishing an erratum orcorrigendum; publishing an expression of concern linked to the article; retracting the article and publishing anaccompanying retraction notice; or removing an article for legal reasons and replacing the removed article with a notice.

Corrections to Supplemental Material files and Research Data files on PMDJAS

Supplemental Material files published by PMDJAS are considered to be permanent records. Supplemental Material files andResearch Data files may be hosted on PMDJAS and are assigned DOIs. If there is a substantive change to a SupplementalMaterial file or Research Data file, PMDJAS may publish a notice to alert all readers. If the change is considered not to besignificant then a replacement file may be released, without the need for separate notification. Versioning details will beadded to the first page of the file.