Gut Analysis of RITA. rita (Hamilton, 1822) From Fish Market of Quetta City, Balochistan Pakistan




Rita, Fish, Gastronomic, Gut Analysis, Bagridae, Balochistan


Rita rita is commonly known as rita and belong to the family bagridae. This fish is widely spread Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. Samples of fish were taken between January and December 2022 at the Quetta local fish market. About 260 fish samples were dissected to determine the gut analysis. Volumetric and Frequency occurrence method was used to determine the gut analysis. The gut fullness and gastronomic index were also calculated. All the guts noted the seasonal variations. There were around of 41 (14.28%) stomachs were empty, 63 (23.21%) were three quarter, 46 (16.07%) were full, and half guts were 62 (28.59%). The gut fullness on a monthly basis in month of January 80%, February (75%), March (72%), April (70%), June (60%), July (65%), August (70%), September (79%), October (87%), November (88%) and December (85%) respectively. Gastronomic symptoms peaked in the months of October and December, while June had the lowest levels. During the current study following gut contents were recorded such as Fishes 25.22% and 26.31%, Phytoplankton 14.21% and 12.22%, Zooplankton 11.10% and 13.50%, Crustacean 9.33% and 11.26%, Insects 8.41% and 10.29%, Plecoptra 6.88% and 8.11%, Hemiptera 7.12% and 6.22%, Coleoptera 5.24% and 5.22%, Mud and Sand 5.33 %and 4.19%, Miscellaneous 2.99% and 1.24%, Leaves 2.38% and 1.12%, Aquatic weeds 1.02% and 0.21% and Algae 0.77% and 0.11% by occurrence and volumetric respectively. This would be the first study conducted on the gut analysis of Rita rita from Local fish Market. The current study concluded that the fish is omnivorous.




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Author Biographies

Surayya Abdul Baqi, Department of Zoology, University of Balochistan Quetta



Wali Muhammad Achakzai, Department of Zoology, University of Balochistan Quetta




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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7907441
Published: 2023-05-09

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